Signea - Laser Marking Machine Foba M1000
FOBA M1000

Compact laser workstation for marking components and batches

The compact manual laser workstation FOBA M1000 has been designed for use with our high-quality laser markers for small to medium sized parts, work pieces and batches. It is ideally suited for manufacturers with low volume requirements or where space constraints demand an efficient solution. The workstation can also be cart mounted for mobility throughout a user's facility.

The compact M1000 can be employed in a variety of industrial applications and whether it is metal, plastic or other laser markable materials. The workstation is perfectly suited for the automobile, tool and metal industries but also for engineering or medical technology applications.

The desktop workstation is operated in laser safety class 1 and comes with a programmable Z-axis, a small work table and a smoothly opening lift door. When open, the interior space is accessible from three sides. In order to cover the broadest possible spectrum of applications, various fiber laser markers are available for integration. As a standard, the M1000 is supplied with an integrated lighting, a large window and an exhaust nozzle.

  • Design: small and compact desktop workstation with programmable Z-axis for a flexible and mobile use
  • Ergonomics: wide and easily opening door for a comfort- able loading/ unloading, perfectly visible and accessible
  • Productivity: small footprint, optimal accessibility, air-cooled laser systems, comfortable handling
  • Flexibility in operation, manual laser adjustment to the left, right, front and rear for the processing of larger components
  • Safety: workstation complies with European safety requirements (performance level d)