EBS 1500

Ink-Jet technology for the future
The EBS 1500 series are controllers that operate modular, seperate from the printhead. The available printheads are in a high quality steel housing and with Electromagnetic technology (EM - up to 64 dots) or with Piezo-technology (Piezo - up to 352 dots) The printing height variates in the range of 5-15mm with the EM-head and 10-48mm with the Piezo-head

It is ialso important on what kind of material you want to print on. EM-heads use solvent based inks that are very adhesive especially on non-porous surfaces (metal, glass, plastics, etc.) in contrast to Piezo-heads which use ink for porous surfaces (cardboard, wood, textiles) only.
As one of the first controllers world-wide the EBS 1500 can support up to 8 printheads - EM and Piezo.

The EBS 1500 combines text editing, graphics, bar-codes as well as datamatrix codes with an user-friendly graphic interface, no computer is necessary.

A complete, well tested software and steel housing construction shows the high quality standard of the EBS 1500, inside and out. Several extras e.g. the printhead holder or consumables like special inks (pigmented ink, UV-ink, food grade ink, security ink, etc) completes our product range.