EBS 230 PicAS

Single-line coding on packaging has never been so easy!
  • Easy handling
  • Robust design
  • High-capacity memory
  • Capable of graphics
  • Unbeatable efficiency
The ink-jet printer EBS-230 of the 'PicAs'-series sets a new benchmark in regards to configuration and cost-effectiveness of basic DOD systems.
Easy handling, robust design, user-friendly interface and unbeatable efficiency are only some of the outstanding features of type EBS-230.
Through a process of consistent development of the established line printer 'PicAS' EBS-200 we created a totally splash water protected system (rated IP54) which is also independent from compressed air.
The ability to use Ethanol-based inks provides a universal solution for various marking applications, no matter if the surface is made of cardboard, plastic, metal, glass or ceramics.