Capabilities Specifications

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  • Making durable and legible prints on a variety of types of surface, smooth, porous and also uneven surfaces of irregular shapes, such as pipes, bags, construction materials,
  • Applying non-contact print technology to avoid problems when printing onto curved surfaces,
  • The printing process is fully automated by the application of a photo-detector for detecting objects to be labelled and of an optional sensor for detecting travel rate of factory conveyors, if the conveyors run at varying speeds,
  • The date and time are available and can be used for updating service life/storage period automatically, numbering objects (via incremental and decremental counters),
  • Working with any IBM-compatible PC via the printer’s own control program to be run under MS Windows® and an RS232 interface.
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Print height
  • 5-12 mm for 7 nozzle printer
  • 5-25 mm for 16 nozzole printer
Printhead position
  • any
  • 500 char (one text, one line)
Text- & print parameter edit tool
  • Windows-PC via RS-232
Print speed
  • 600 vertical rows/sec
Special characters
  • national (dicritical) characters
  • graphic characters
Special registers
  • Time & Date
  • in-/decremental counter
  • universal counter (e.g. units of length)
Ink consumption
  • ca. 1 liter per 2 000 000 characters (7x5 matrix)
  • 800g (without holders & cables)
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