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  • State of the art, all-in-one system for high quality printouts on all porous surfaces. Replaces expensive labels. Best quality at all times.
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to mount.
  • Web (www) editor allows editing via Ethernet interface.
  • LCD 5.7" colour display with touch screen for printer control, file management & maintenance with preview function of message (Editing via PC)
  • Works virtually under any operation system - no need to install printer-specific software - only general purpose Firefox web browser is required.
  • Fixed text + very flexible types of variable text (counters, date (including offset and shifts), expiry date, text files, RS 232 data).
  • TrueType fonts with possibility of installing unlimited number of additional user fonts.
  • Graphics / logos with free resizing, PNG file import function.
  • Text / graphics / barcode rotation.
  • Horizontal rotation (reverse print) / vertical rotation (upside down print).
  • Useful online help including a number of illustrations and animations.
  • Automatic support for making test printouts while editing.
  • Unique intensity regulation for different porous surfaces.
  • Automatic conveyor parameters detection.
  • Multi-level user management with password protection.
  • Waste ink collector (maintenance system).
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  • USB pendrive: factory installed 1GB
  • File systems: FAT, FAT32 (possibility of back up data with standard PC)
  • Numeric: EAN codes, Code 11, Code 25, Codabar, Leticode and others
  • Alphanumeric: Code 39, GS1-128 (UCC/EAN-128), Code 128, 2D:Data Matric, 2D:MicroPDF417 and others
  • 1 x Ethernet
  • 2 x USB 2.0 connectors
  • Built in product detector (photocell)
  • External product-detector connector (optional)
  • External shft encoder connector (optional)
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EBS 2500/510-71 Specifications Back to top
  • Length: 420mm (16.54")
  • Depth: 160mm (6.3")
  • Height: 210mm (8.27")
  • 4.8kg (2.18lbs) with 0.5l bottle
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EBS 2500/128-18 Specifications Back to top
  • Length: 380mm (14.96")
  • Depth: 160mm (6.3")
  • Height: 180mm (7.09")
  • 4.4kg (2 lbs) with 0.5l bottle
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