EBS 6500

The continuous ink-jet system that leads the market in innovative design, easy operation and sustainability.

The EBS 6500 Series is an entirely new and improved small- character ink-jet system designed for exacting in-line product and package coding.

It starts with an all-new cabinet configuration that includes a ventilation process incorporating moisture traps, filters and a chemical-resistant keypad that will protect the unit in even the harshest environment.

The EBS 6500 Series also integrates a touch-screen display for easy message creation and operational control. The result is an innovative ink-jet system that prints startlingly crisp, multi- lingual alphanumeric text and bar codes that provide error-free product identification.

Efficient & Dependable

  • Lower power consumption
  • Lower solvent consumption
  • Virtually no wasted consumables
  • Leading-edge sustainability features
  • Extremely low operating cost
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to handle and install