EBS 6600

The continuous ink-jet system that leads the market in innovative design, easy operation and sustainability.

Uninterrupted power

Worldwide innovation: for the first time in a Continuous Ink Jet Printer: a built-in automatic, intelligent system for reliable printer operation in case of power failure. Should the power be interrupted for less than 30 seconds, the printer continues operating. If the supply is cut off for more than 30 seconds, the printer starts the automatic shutdown procedure including rinsing, to protect the tubes from dried ink deposits. As soon as the power is restored the printer is quickly operational. The USP power supply contains very long-lasting „Super Charger Capacitors”, not conventional accumulators. Charging lasts only around 2 minutes. The USP power supply is available optionally.

Ecological and efficient

The printer with the lowest power consumption. An extremely low power consumption of only 19 Watts – another quality improvement in the CIJ printer segment. Furthermore, with its 12,5 kg, the printer is one of the lightest on the market, ideal for changing between production lines. (Mobile printer stand available optionally).

Protection class IP55 and IP65

IP55 available as standard or IP65 (optionally available) according to EN 60529 - high protection grade of the housing against intrusion of water and dust guarantees high reliability of the printer over a long period. Keypad, display and connectors are protected against chemicals and water spray.

Very simple-changing of consumables & iModule®

The EBS BOLTMARK II series is fitted with an integrated ink system, which can be changed in 3 simple steps in less than a minute: Open the flap, remove used iModule®, insert new iModule® – done! No technician and no tools needed. Equally, the quick change of ink and solvent bottles works in the same way. No interruption of printing, no unscrewing of the bottle cap and no dirty fingers: Remove the used bottle, insert the new one – click!


  • Manually operated sliding table for printing
  • Pistol grip print head holder
  • Shaft encoder
  • Print head holder
  • Photocell /sensor technology
  • External alarm light for status
  • Power supply UPS
  • Printer stand (with/without wheels)