InkJet Products

SCP Small Character (continuous ink-jet) Printers

EBS 6200
This pump driven unit was released in 2002 with the major benefit that the new hydraulic system allows the unit to use up to ten times less solvent than air driven printers, making the 6200 extremely cost effective.
With 90% less solvent emission there is less “smell” making the unit truly eco-friendly.

LCP Large Character (dot on demand) Printers

EBS 1500 electro magnetic print head.
Traditionally for printing on cartons with a water based ink.
The patented EBS print-head design allows these units to print with solvent based inks with perfect reliability on previously impossible substrates like poly propylene and poly ethylene.
Up to eight heads that can print one to ten lines of print 7- 110mm high each can be driven from a single controller.

EBS 250 HandJet electro magnetic
Designed to be flexible. This hand held, battery driven printer is no bigger than a portable drill, and can print on any product, anywhere.
Programming allows messages to be sent to the printer at a distance of 50 meters from the production office PC, via the supplied RF interface and software. This little unit is must for any production environment.

EBS 2500
The Controller of a printer or printing system for producing large prints.
Typically, 1-8 print-heads of electromagnetic types can be controlled.
The Controller, with at least one print-head attached, makes a fully functional printer.
It demonstrate versatility and flexibility in configuring a printing system.

EBS 230 PicAS
The ink-jet printer EBS230 of the PicAS-series sets a new benchmark in regard to configuration and cost-effectiveness of basic DOD systems
Easy handling, robust design, user-friendly interface and unbeatable efficiency are only some of the outstanding features of type EBS 230