EBS 230

EBS-230 is a family of inexpensive and easy to operate industrial large character printers that are designed for printing 11 to 27mm print on any product that need large character print.

PicAS EBS-230 incorporates all state-of-the-art functions a modern Drop-on-Demand (DOD) printer must have. In its ultra-compact stainless steel enclosure everything you need for a perfect printout is included; print engine, incorporated air compressor, air filter, ink filter, interfaces, logic board with CPU and 30 message memories and software. Best of its class enclosure of print head, junction box with power supply, and touch screen terminal. The 230 is equipped with a 7 or 16-nozzle IP54 water and dust protected print head. It can print with coloured and surface-specific inks. The text to be printed and printing parameters can easily be entered and changed with connection to a selected PC computer with Windows® operating system or through the touch screen terminal.