EBS 2500

High resolution large character Ink-Jet Printer. State of the art, all-in-one system for high quality printouts on all porous surfaces. Replaces expensive labels with a window of 71 mm printing characters, barcodes and graphics of 3mm to 71mm high

Editing capabilities / printing capabilities: web (www) editor allows editing via Ethernet interface, LCD 5.7’’ display with touch screen for printer control, works virtually under any operation system (Windows, Linux and Mac). No need to install printer-specific software only general-purpose Firefox web browser is required, fixed text or variable text (counters, date (including offset and shifts), expiry date, text files, RS-232 data), true type fonts with possibility of installing unlimited number of additional user fonts, graphics / logos with resizing, text/graphics / barcode rotation, horizontal rotation (reverse print) / vertical rotation (upside down print).