Signea-laser - Laser Marking

Laser Marking

FOBA Vario S Compact

FOBA Vario S Compact
  • Compact design
  • Air cooled laser system
  • Software-controlled Z-axis
  • Single-phase mains connection

  • Stand-alone system, laser class 1
  • Compact, low space requirement
  • Fast initial operation
  • Ergonomic work area design
  • Multi shift operation possible
  • Industry standard IP54 design
FOBA M1000

FOBA M1000
  • Design: small and compact desktop workstation with programmable Z-axis for a flexible and mobile use
  • Ergonomics: wide and easily opening door for a comfort- able loading/ unloading, perfectly visible and accessible
  • Productivity: small footprint, optimal accessibility, air-cooled laser systems, comfortable handling
  • Flexibility in operation, manual laser adjustment to the left, right, front and rear for the processing of larger components
  • Safety: workstation complies with European safety requirements (performance level d)
FOBA M2000 R

FOBA M2000 R
  • Precision and process reliability: highly rigid workstation (polymer concrete), intelligent imaging technology
  • Flexibility: integration into customer processes, various laser systems available, accessories and options for optimal customization
  • Economy: small footprint (1.13 sqm), optimal accessibility, air-cooled laser systems
  • Ergonomics: height-adjustable workstation for standing/ seated work, individual adapation to user's needs
  • Productivity: higher throughput with 2-station rotary table