Basic Laser Marking

FOBA’s high-performance marking and engraving lasers handle nearly all marking and engraving tasks. The marks and engravings produced set standards and persuade with their brilliance, permanence, protection against forgery, and precision. FOBA lasers are used in several industries to apply various types of contents on different kinds of materials – from organic materials to ceramics, glass, plastics and metals.

We offer solid-state laser markers and CO2 marking lasers which can be used to speedily produce premium-quality mark for products and materials in a flexible manner. They can also be used for integration into production facilities, special machines or FOBA workstations.

Laser Marking

For stand-alone operation in laser class 1, we offer turnkey-ready and custom laser processing machines in the form of manual workstations or special machines. Our laser marking machines adapt with various lasers and powers and thus always allow the most economical and optimal configuration for the application in question.

A variety of loading concepts ensures optimal integration into the production environment, and axis systems can be selected based on the requirements. Options such as rotary tables of different sizes and various types of rotary units, camera systems and client-specific implementations turn standardized machines into tailor-made customer solutions.

Laser Engraving

The end product and the tool must remain absolutely safe during the laser-based manufacturing of circulating money, coins, expensive tools and molds or medical products and valuable objects. Complete attention to detail and precision are indispensable. Direct markings require maximum resolutions. Manufacturing processes must be lean and efficient. Solutions need to be supported by the system and technology to handle hard materials. FOBA system and process solutions distinguish themselves in this area and offer many advantages over classic methods. And: They have proven their worth in more than two hundred installations across the world.

FOBA machines are thus leaders in the field of 3d and deep laser engraving. They engrave, mark, smoothen, frost and process with exceptional reliability and precision, and can be used without any hardness restrictions in case of ceramics or steels. Three-dimensional surface structures are possible, as are frostings, textures and visual effects on engraved stamps or markings and edge letterings on coins, ornaments or implants.

Thanks to the software-controlled process – that eliminates manual work steps and prevents from material breakage and wear – the laser materials processing is economic and lean. Our process solution integrates all steps of stamp or tool manufacturing as well as direct marking in a single process sequence: digitalization, 3D or deep engraving, smoothing, matting/frosting, surface structuring, edge lettering and direct marking on the end product. Patented camera systems and online deep engraving ensure accurate processing with repetition accuracy. Engraved dies and tools can thus be entirely manufactured using the laser method and end products such as minted coins and medals can be refined using lasers.