Founded in 1999 by Gerhard Neuhoff under the name Decoflex Coding Systems with the support of Decoflex and Pieter Neuhoff. The first printer sold in SA was the robust EBS 6000 air driven unit in Mozambique which is still going strong doing its daily duty at the Schweppes plant in Maputo. Since then the installed base has increased to 1000 units spread over six countries. Signea has more than 100 years hands on experience in the inkjet market. Signea is therefore the inkjet supplier with most experience in the South African market. Any application, sales- or technical question is tailored to the customerís individual needs.

Signea now has a team of 16 people with the head office in Johannesburg and branches in Cape Town and Durban, with representation in Mozambique and Kenya.

Maintenance personnel are fully informed and properly trained on the complete range of EBS & Alltec/FOBA equipment at our in-house training facility

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