Signea-TIJ Micron MC-HP1

The HSAJET Micron is based upon reliable HP TIJ 2.5 technology which delivers consistent, high-quality, fast printing, exceptional value, and ease of use.
Micron is ideal for printing labels and for all cartons for food and pharmaceuticals. This possibilities are endless.

Load print job from USB-key
  • Build your print job on a PC using the free MicroDraw software delivered with the printer. Transfer to USB-key and connect to your Micron printer and you are ready to print. The layout can be saved to the internal memory and the USB-key may be removed.
Easy to integrate and use
  • The Micron is an 'out of the box' unit. Place an ink cartridge in the head, connect to power and print instantly by pushing a button.
    The printer takes up very little space. Not much more than the actual print cartridge itself. This makes it very easy to integrate.
    Print horizontally or simply change the position of the printer 90 degrees for printing vertically/down.
Built-in sensor
  • The Micron printer has an internal sensor. If external sensor is required connect this directly to the printer.
    The sensor distance is easily selected when designing the print job
1/2" print height
  • The HSAJET Micron runs with 1 HP print cartridge allowing a print height of 12.7mm.
Ink Cartridges
  • You are able to select any HP ink cartridge you want when printing with the Micron. Spot colours, UV colours or fast drying inks are all available. The voltage for the specific ink can be changed when building the print job.
Prints in 300x300 dpi
  • Graphics
  • Counters
  • Date & time (real-time & adjusted)
  • 3 Windows True Type fonts
  • Text (alphanumeric)
  • Barcodes (fixed)